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one of a kind

A while ago, I found a gallery of world accessories in the Museum of Decorative Arts (Les Arts Decoratifs) in Paris.

I wondered what could be a masterpiece from Japan in such a gallery like this. I even doubted there wouldn't have been any item from Japan. My expectation was totally wrong and unjust.

The gallery stored exquisite and refined hair pins and combs decorated with the Makie technique. My eyes were glued to these "masterpieces".
They were never second to European fine jewelries around the same age.

Since this experience of mine, my goal has been to create a fashion style "de nos jours" (of today) with Makie made for modern women.

Though the Makie decoration technique has a history of more than 10,000 years, it is not straightforward for me to materialize Makie's beauty and warmth as an object "de nos jours", that really resonates with our instinct to wear today.

Now, July 2012, here is my answer to the proposition. Like anything was so in a distant past, each and every piece of my creations is one of a kind.


We will premiere this Makie collection at the Hong Kong Fashion Week this week.

Please visit and see ATENARI at 1B-DS34, the International Designers' Showcase in Hall 1B of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

以前、パリの装飾芸術美術館(Les Arts Decoratifs)に、世界の装身具を集めた展示室を見つけました。





2012年7月、これがひとつの提案です。 全ての商品が、かつてそのようであったように、身につける人と同じく one of a kind となっています。


香港コンベンションセンター インターナショナルデザイナーズショウケース Hall1B No.1B-DS34 でぜひご覧ください。
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